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Lake Panguipulli and Choshuenco Volcano Lago Panguipulli y Volcan Choshuenco

World Ecological Sanctuary

The Comuna of Panguipulli is part of the Valdivian temperate rain forests of Chile an ecoregion that is the second largest of five temperate rain forests in the world and the only one in South America.

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Panguipulli Without Endesa

Never before have the county's natural resources been under such threat from multinational power companies as well as from the Chilean government itself.


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Panguipulli y el Area Siete Lagos en la Red!

Tu guía al contenido más relevante de la Red sobre Panguipulli y al Destino Siete Lagos en la Patagonia Chilena. Restaurantes, Hoteles, Camping, Ecoturismo, Tour Operadores, Termas, Esquí, Deportes de Montaña y Escalada, Cabalgatas, Rafting, Ciclismo, Caza y Pesca, Bienes Raices

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Huilo Huilo Nature Reserve

Huilo Huilo Nature Reserve spreads over 120,000 acres of temperate rain forest. The park offers a wide range of summer and winter activities like trekking, horseback riding, the longest canopy tour in South America, swimming and boating. Food and lodging is also readily available within the park. You can even buy your own built lot!

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Mapa Reserva Huilo Huilo

Hot Spring Country

Panguipulli has the highest concentration of Hot Springs in the country. Ranging from rustic to world class like Geometrical Hot Springs on the left, the choice is yours!

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Termas Geometricas Hot Springs